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About Sandy
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Sandy got her first pony at age 6 and by age 16 was eventing at state level.........
Sandy has competed at Advanced level very successfully for many years and was identified as a member of the NSW Institute of Sport Squad School in 2003.
Sandy has had several quality horses make the grade and a few that just may have gone much further.
The sport is physically and mentally tough on both horse and rider. There would not be one rider at this level of the sport that hasn't had some bad luck in their career and as they say "as the going gets tough, the tough get going".
This is what makes the sport so challenging yet so rewarding.
The thought of discovering a new talented horse or gifted young rider (or young at heart) is what keeps you going.

A horse by the name of Mr Mike influenced Sandy to take up eventing


Sandy age 16 riding Mr Mike

Diamond Venture (affectionately known as Woody, Pecker or Monkey) allowed Sandy to be identified to join the NSW Institute of Sport squad school


Always remember to give the judge a SMILE!!!

Sandy is not only a gifted rider but also a quality coach. Sandy was accredited as the Pentathlon riding coach at the 2004 Athens Olympics in recognition of her coaching of Australian Pentalthon Representative Eszter Hortobagyi

Esti jumping at the 2004 Athens Olympics

Athens Olympics 2004

Sandy coached the 2008 Korean Team at the Sydney 3DE  for the Asian Pacific Challenge Trophy. Sung-soo Kim and Forest had a very deserving win and the team of two riders placed 4th

Sandy coached Sung-soo to a great win @ Sydney 3DE

Sandy Lucas
NCAS Level 1 (specialising in eventing)
Nutwood Farm
Windsor Downs, NSW 2756
Phone: +61 (02) 9679 0046
Mobile: 0409 901 235