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This is a photo album page for Costalot (aka: Forest, Fat Boy, Gump, Furry, Furrmiester, Mini)
C-D Grade Showjumper & **Star Eventer


Forest is a 15.3hh bay TB gelding by Forest Glow out of a Celestrial Dancer mare Rhythm & Romance. He raced under the name of Forest Romance and was an impulse purchase from an Inglis TB Sale. He was purchased by Kylie Robert who started Forest as a showjumper prior to leaving him with Sandy to take up a job in the USA. Forest has now had several eventing starts with Sandy and is showing great promise as an eventer.

X-Country Berrima ODE 2005
Photo: Main Event Photography

D-Grade @ Tempo 2005 (with Kylie)
Photo: Quick Pix

Asian Pacific Challenge winners @ Sydney 3DE
Photo: Lecia Gilbert

Forest and Sung-soo Kim deserving winners @ Sydney
Photo: Lecia Gilbert

Forest & Sandy @ Camden ODE - *star March 2006
Photo: Main Event Photography

Showjumping Canberra 2005
Photo: Main Event Photography

X-Country Canberra ODE 2005
Photo: Main Event Photography


Forest & Sandy - Pre-Tempo D-grade Feb 2006
Photo: Abbey Digital

Sadly Forest passed away after a painful battle with colic and twisted bowel. Will be terribly missed by all who had anything to do with him. RIP little man, may your feed bin always be full and carrots forever in abundance.

Eventing Performances:
  • 9th Scone ODE (Prelim) Sept 2005
  • 8th Canberra ODE (Prelim) Sept 2005
  • 8th Camden ODE (Pre-Nov) Oct 2005
  • 7th Oberon ODE (Pre-Nov) Oct 2005
  • 2nd Berrima ODE (Prelim) Nov 2005
  • 6th Macarthur ODE (Pre-Nov) Jan 2006
  • 2nd Northside Combined training (Pre-Nov) Feb 2006
  • 5th SIEC ODE - mid week (Pre-Nov) Feb 2006
  • 10th SIEC ODE - weekend (*star) Feb 2006
  • 9th Camden ODE (*star) Mar 2006
  • 4th Macarthur ODE (*star) Mar 2006
  • 9th Albury CIC (*star) Mar 2006
  • Scone CCI (*star) Apr 2006 withdrew with a splint before xc
  • 4th SIEC - mid week (Pre-Nov) Feb 2007
  • 9th SIEC - weekend (*star) Feb 2007
  • 9th Camden ODE (*star) Mar 2007
  • 26th Albury CIC(*star) Mar 2007
  • 3rd Berrima CIC(*star) April 2007
  • 2nd Scone CCI(*star) May 2007
  • 24th Camden CIC(**star) July 2007
  • 4th Berrima CIC(*star) March 2008
  • 6th Scone CIC(**star) May 2008
  • 11th Melbourne International CCI(**star) June 2008
  • 1st Sydney CCI (Asian Pacific Challenge) ridden by Sung-soo Kim (KOR)
  • 9th Canberra CIC(**star)  September 2008
  • 27th Goulburn CIC(**star) October 2008
  • 4th Berrima CNC (*star) November 2008 ridden by Sung-soo Kim (KOR)
  • 3rd Scone CNC(*star) March 2009
  • 7th Eventing Equestriad CIC(**star) May 2009


Oberon P/N 2005 (photo by John David)

click here to play video of Forest schooling in August 2005

See video of Forest & Sandy @ Northside Combined Training Day Feb 5th 2006

Video of Forest and Christine Showjumping @ Camden CIC**star 2007

Video of Forest and Sandy at Melbourne International 3DE **star 2008

Video of Sung-soo Kim and Forest @ Sydney 3DE -showjumping to win

Video of Sung-soo Kim and Forest @ Sydney 3DE - prize giving and victory gallop

Sandy Lucas
NCAS Level 1 (specialising in eventing)
Nutwood Farm
Windsor Downs, NSW 2756
Phone: +61 (02) 9679 0046
Mobile: 0409 901 235